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Important Notes Regarding This Service

  • - This service is available from 1:00 pm on the day admission results are announced.
  • - You can use this service from a computer, smartphone, tablet, or other device connected to the internet.
  • (However, your device must be able to handle encrypted transmissions (SSL).
  • - The service may be crowded and difficult to connect to immediately after opening. If so, please try again later.
  • - APU cannot respond to any inquiries regarding how to use this service.
  • - Enrollment procedures after the enrollment period are not permitted on grounds of mistaken operation or mis-reading of the results posted on this service.
  • - The security of this service is protected by Symantec Digital ID.
  •  All transmissions of login data and personal information are encrypted.
  • - This service has been commissioned by Ritsumeikan Asia Pacific University (APU), and the personal information referred to here will not be used for any purpose other than those related to admission to APU.
  • Every precaution will be taken to manage your personal information safely.

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